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When I close the wrong tab….




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The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence.
Bruce Springsteen (via mariandr)
When you order takeout and the doorbell rings:
FROM MAKATI POLICE. This msg is for every girl who goes out from h0me, 0ffice or school alone. if you find any child crying on the road showing his address & asks you to take him to that address, take the child to the police station & dont take him to that address. Its a new way of gang, to RAPE women/teenage girls. Pls forward 2 all female or boys having sisters/gf. Our 1 msg may save a million. PLEASE SPREAD
80% of tumblr users have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend.. Reblog if you love food.
Who do you think you are, running ‘round leaving scars?